Crystalline Mirror Solutions

Crystalline Mirror Solutions merges compound semiconductor materials with precision optics to create semiconductor supermirrors. Using molecular beam epitaxy, the highest-quality single-crystal GaAs/AlGaAs distributed Bragg reflectors are grown. These coatings are then extracted from their native GaAs growth wafers and transferred to bulk optical substrates. Our proprietary direct bonding process enables single-crystal multilayers to be combined with a variety of dissimilar materials and geometries – including substrates with >10 cm ROC and a diameter of 20 cm. The result is the best mirror possible on the ideal substrate. Our mirrors span wavelengths from 0.9-5 µm with >99.99% reflectivity. In the near-IR, scattering and absorption losses can be <5 ppm and the coating loss angle is reduced 10-100 times. When paired with high thermal conductivity substrates (e.g., SiC and diamond), the superior thermal conductivity of our coatings – 30 times greater than traditional sputtered films – redefine the expectations of optics for high power laser systems.