The European Frequency and Time Award 2019: Dr. Patrizia Tavella

"For her engagement and key achievements in time and frequency dissemination at both scientific and educational levels."

The European Frequency and Time Award recognizes outstanding contributions in all fields covered by the EFTF.

EFTF Young Scientist Award 2019: Dr. Jérôme Lodewyck

"For outstanding contributions to the development of Sr optical lattice clocks and of applications of optical frequency standards to timekeeping.”

The EFTF Young Scientist Award is conferred in recognition of a personal contribution that demonstrated a high degree of initiative and creativity and led to already established or easily foreseeable outstanding advances in the field of time and frequency metrology. The award honours a person under the age of 40 at the date of the opening session of the EFTF conference.

The Marcel Ecabert Awards 2019: Prof. Patrick Gill & Dr. Marc A. Weiss

"For his long-standing efforts and achievements in advancing optical clock technologies for use on ground and in space, and their applications towards the future redefinition of the SI second."

“For his key contributions to remote clock comparisons, to time scale algorithm developments and to accurate synchronization for science and industry.”

The Marcel Ecabert Award of the European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) is a lifetime award and honours the excellent achievements of the recipient in the field of time and frequency. It is named after the late Marcel Ecabert, founding member of the EFTF and member of its Executive Committee.