IFCS Awards 2019


Nominations must be received by December 7, 2018 to be considered for the 2019 IEEE IFCS-EFTF awards selection.


Nominations are welcome from anyone and should be submitted to the Awards Chair via e-mail at james.c.camparo@aero.org. View the full Call for Nominations here.

This year the Frequency Control Standing Committee has established the following rules for nominations:

  • Self-nomination is permitted for each of the IFCS Awards.
  • There is no limit to the number of successive annual nominations an individual may receive.
  • Previous IFCS Awardees may be nominated for one of the other awards in succeeding years.  
  • The nomination of a group whose work is highly related to the citation given in the nomination is permitted for each of the IFCS Awards.
  • Double nomination, that is an individual nominating two different people for the same award in the same IFCS Awards Call year, is not permitted.
  • An individual can only be considered for one of the IFCS Awards in any IFCS Awards Call year.
  • If an individual self-nominates for one award, they may nonetheless nominate another individual for a different award. However, they cannot nominate an individual for the same award that they have self-nominated.

Nominating Procedure

Each written nomination must identify the award, the nominator, and include the following:

  1. A proposed citation for the nominee using a single sentence.
  2. The current address (regular and e-mail) of the nominee and nominator.
  3. The nominator’s justification for the award, describing the nominee’s accomplishments (for example initiative, ingenuity, creativity, quality and degree of success, etc.), and their importance to the frequency control community. This justification should not exceed 300 words.
  4. Letters of recommendation may accompany the nomination form (or be sent separately), but are not a prerequisite for the nomination. They are nonetheless suggested. 

The nomination package should not exceed two pages in length as limited by the template. Individual letters of support and documentation (e.g., publication lists, institutional accolades) can be sent separately to the attention of the Awards Chair, and be clearly identified so that the relation to the respective nominee is unambiguous. All supporting documentation will be made available on the nominee’s voting page. Please submit all nominations using email and the nomination template found below.  

The three awards under consideration for nominees are defined as follows:

  1. The W. G. Cady Award – Recognizes outstanding contributions related to the fields of crystal resonators, frequency control, frequency synthesis, noise measurement and sensor devices.
  2. The I. I. Rabi Award – Recognizes outstanding contributions related to the fields of atomic and molecular frequency standards, time scale realization, and time comparison and dissemination.
  3. The C. B. Sawyer Memorial Award – Recognizes entrepreneurship or leadership in the frequency control community; or outstanding contributions in the development, production, or characterization of resonator materials or structures.