Group 1: Materials, Resonators & Resonator Circuits

  • Fundamental properties of materials
  • Micro and meso-scale fabrication technology for resonators and filters
  • Theory, design and performance of resonators and filters, including BAW, FBAR, MEMS, NEMS, SAW, 2D materials, and novel devices
  • Reconfigurable frequency control circuits, e.g. arrays, channelizers
  • Opto-mechanical resonators

Group 2: Oscillators, Synthesizers, Noise, & Circuit Techniques

  • Oscillators, BAW, SAW, MEMS, microwave & optical
  • Integrated oscillators
  • Synthesizers, optical to microwave and RF conversion with combs
  • Noise, aging and measurements
  • Analog and digital electronics and signal processing

Group 3: Microwave Frequency Standards & Applications

  • Microwave atomic frequency standards
  • Atomic clocks for space applications
  • Vapor-cell atomic clocks and cell-based sensors and instruments
  • Atomic interferometers
  • Fundamental physics tests with clocks and other applications

Group 4: Sensors & Transducers

  • Resonant chemical sensors
  • Resonant physical sensors
  • Vibratory gyroscopes and magnetometers
  • BAW, SAW, FBAR and MEMS sensors
  • Transducers
  • Sensor instrumentation

Group 5: Timekeeping, Time & Frequency Transfer, GNSS Applications

  • TAI & time scales and associated algorithms
  • GNSS and related timing applications
  • Telecommunications network synchronization
  • Time and frequency transfer
  • Frequency and time distribution
  • Frequency and time calibration services

Group 6: Optical Frequency Standards & Applications

  • Optical ion and neutral atom clocks
  • Optical frequency combs and frequency measurements
  • Ultra-stable laser sources and optical frequency references
  • Ultra-stable frequency transfer between optical, microwave, THz and XUV domains
  • Fundamental physics tests with accurate optical spectroscopy, other applications