IEEE Women in Engineering

WIE Lunch
Tuesday, April 16
12:20 – 2:00 PM
Bonaire 3 & 4


Conference attendees and especially women active in the technical areas of the IEEE IFCS-EFTF symposium are encouraged to attend this special networking event organized by the women of the UFFC Society.


Using Self-Promotion Strategies to Raise Your Visibility, Increase Your Influence and Advance Your Career

Many women are reluctant to actively promote their value because it feels self-serving or inauthentic. Rather than promote themselves, they prefer to believe that their work will speak for itself. Unfortunately, without the confidence and commitment to share your value with others, you may lose out on important opportunities to raise your visibility, make a bigger impact and advance within your organization.

In this workshop you’ll learn: 

  • What it means (and does not mean) to engage in strategic self-promotion
  • Why self-promotion is challenging for so many women
  • Key benefits to yourself and others when you actively promote your value
  • Practical, actionable strategies to help you authentically promote your value across your organization.

Sponsored By: 


Kim Meninger

Executive Coach and Founder, Executive Career Success, LLC.