Invited Speakers  

Carlos Alonso-Ramos
University of Stuttgart, Germany 
Topic: Photonics, Mid-IR Sensing

Sylvain Ballandras
frec|n|sys SAS, SOITEC group
Topic: New generation of SAW devices based on Piezoelectric on Silicon substrates

Cecilia Clivati
INRIM, Italy
Topic: Earthquake detection with optical fibers

Liz Donley
Topic: Development and characterization of quantum-based sensors 

Alex Gaeta
Columbia, USA
Topic: Microresonator frequency combs

Maxim Goryachev 
UWA, Australia 
Topic: Axion Detection with Precision Frequency Metrology 

Ruonan Han
Topic: Chip scale molecular clock 

Thibaut Jacqmin
Lab Kastler Brossel, France
Topic: Quantum Sensing & Optomechanical Transducers

Hidetoshi Katori
RIKEN/U. Tokyo, Japan
Topic: Optical lattice clocks

Nasser Kurd
Intel, USA
Topic: Timing for next-generation CPUs

Andrew Ludlow
Yb Lattice Clock

Gianluca Piazza
Topic: Microelectromechanical resonators

Jeremy Sage
Lincoln Labs, USA
Topic: Microfabricated ion trap arrays with integrated photonics

Christian Sanner
PTB, Germany
Topic: Autobalanced Ramsey Spectroscopy 

Javier Serrano 
CERN, Europe
Topic: Timing in scientific experiments

Francesco Vespe
Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, Italy
Satellite-based time transfer

Jorg Wrachtrup
University of Stuttgart, Germany 
Topic: NV Centers

Teng Wu
University of Mainz, Germany
Topic: Zero-field NMR