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Crystalline Mirror Solutions merges compound semiconductor materials with precision optics to create semiconductor supermirrors. Using molecular beam epitaxy, the highest-quality single-crystal GaAs/AlGaAs distributed Bragg reflectors are grown. These coatings are then extracted from their native GaAs growth wafers and transferred to bulk optical substrates. Our proprietary direct bonding process enables single-crystal multilayers to be combined with a variety of dissimilar materials and geometries – including substrates with >10 cm ROC and a diameter of 20 cm. The result is the best mirror possible on the ideal substrate. Our mirrors span wavelengths from 0.9-5 µm with >99.99% reflectivity. In the near-IR, scattering and absorption losses can be <5 ppm and the coating loss angle is reduced 10-100 times. When paired with high thermal conductivity substrates (e.g., SiC and diamond), the superior thermal conductivity of our coatings – 30 times greater than traditional sputtered films – redefine the expectations of optics for high power laser systems.


This year SpectraDynamics became the exclusive distributor for the world’s first commercial cold Rubidium atomic clock produced by Quantime! Founded in 1994, SpectraDynamics, Inc. (SDI) is a Colorado, USA-based Company specializing in high performance time and frequency distribution systems. SpectraDynamics participates in the research and development of technology to provide the low noise electronics needed to support atomic time and frequency standards. This experience is leveraged to develop novel frequency synthesis architectures and time and frequency measurement methods. SpectraDynamics’ core product lines are Instrumentation for atomic clocks, Instrumentation for timescales, frequency distribution amplifiers, low noise frequency synthesizers and microwave and optical to RF synthesizers.